P347: ye shes bstan 'dzin/

  • phyag mdzod lags/
  • reviver of mkhyen ris style in the 20th cent. Jackson 1996 (p. 164)
Biographical data
Events (chronological)

1960-70s: gong dkar phyag mdzod ye shes bstan 'dzin/ (1915-1971), the [earlier] steward of gong dkar [chos sde/] did most of the drawings for the Tibetan textbooks (klog deb/) published by Sherig Parkhang from 1961 onwards, including among others depictions of various figures (bla dpon mi sna/), sites (sa gnas/) and everyday objects ('tsho thabs/) related to Tibetan history and culture. For the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) [in Dharamsala] he produced large cotton backgrounds (ras yol chen po/) depicting in a realistic way ('dra bris/, par bris/) scences of Tibetan village and nomad life (bzo zhing 'brog gsum/), the deeds of the three great Buddhist kings of Tibet (chos rgyal mes dbon rnam gsum/ and the Potala palace, the Jokhang, Samye, etc. dus rlabs kyi rmi lam (pp. 25f.): btsan byol du 'byor rjes phyi lo 1961 nas bzung bod gzhung shes rig slob gra'i klog deb nang gi zhal thang gi ri mo'i thig rtsa dang mtshon don gtan 'bebs yod pa dang mi 'dra ba'i bla dpon mi sna dang / sa gnas/ 'tsho thabs mtshon pa'i ri mo mang che ba gong dkar phyag mdzod ye shes bstan 'dzin (1915-1971) lags nas bris gnang 'dug shes rig zlos gar tshogs pa'i bzo zhing 'brog gsum/ chos rgyal mes dbon rnam gsum gyi mdzad thang / rtse pho brang po tA la/ jo khang / bsam yas sogs kyi ras yol chen po dag kyang khong nas 'dra bris sam par bris lugs ltar bris yod/