P647: rngog ston bsod nams don grub/

Names order acc. to frequency
  • Active Period: 15th cent.
  • bsod nams don grub/ BDRC (P0RK1299) should not be confused with byang chub grags pa/ as he is mistakenly referred to by the editors of gong dkar ba'i gsan yig phyogs bsgrigs [2005] (p. ii, table of contents). TBRC adopts this error and indicates Gong dkar ba’s student rngog byang chub grags pa/ as the younger brother of rngog byang chub dpal/ (1360–1446), cf. BDRC (P10259)!
Events (chronological)
  • bsod nams don grub/ was associated with the monastic convent of ri bo khyung lding / in gzhung /; cf. thob yig ganggA'i chu rgyun [1970] (vol. 1|ka, f. 356b4-5): {'di nyid kyi lag len gsal byed rngog bsod nams don grub kyis gzhung ri bo khyung lding gi chos grwar mdzad pa ni dpe ma 'byor bas ma thob/}