L114: sde dge lhun grub steng /

  • sde dge dgon chen/
Foundation Remarks
  • circumstances of its founding sketched in Stearns 2007 (pp. 55f.)
  • "It was about this time — the middle of the fifteenth century — that Bo-thar invited the renowned monk, Thang-stong-rgyal-po, to select a site for the building of a monastery which was later destined to become the Great Monastery of Lhun-grub-steng, the foremost centre of the Sa-skya-pa sect in Khams. But at this time only 108 cells for Sa-skya-pa inmates, a ceremonial number, were erected. The period of real grandeur of this monastery commenced only with the thirty-seventh generation, when the abbacy was offically established there [...]." sde dge'i rgyal rabs [1968] (pp. 31-32)